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We specialize in trenchless pipe bursting methods of repair in Easton, CT.

This is usually not the first method a plumber will choose if pipe re-lining in Easton, CT is an option. However, in the situation where lining the old pipe isn’t preferable because of pre-existing damage (such as heavy corrosion or collapsed pipe) or the conditions the pipe is exposed to then we can resort to the pipe bursting method which is equally effective, but slightly more costly.

If the sewer lines running from your Easton, CT home or building to the municipal sewer lines is very old, it’s quite possible they’re made out of clay, plastic or another material commonly used many years ago called Orangeburg. If your sewer lines are made with these inferior materials then the pipe bursting method of trenchless sewer repair is generally the best option.

A special pipe bursting head is pulled through the affected sewer line using a special high powered winch system. The bursting head literally destroys the old sewer pipe leaving a nicely bored tunnel for the new pipe to be pulled into. While the bursting head is being pulled through, breaking up the old pipe it’s towing a brand new pipe behind it, effectively replacing the damaged pipe with a permanent solution.

This method is extremely effective and saves homeowners and building managers thousands of dollars over traditional excavation methods.

How Long Does Pipe Bursting in Easton, CT Take?

While the trenchless pipe bursting in Easton, CT method of sewer repair is definitely much faster than a traditional excavation it’s still a lot of work!

#1. The sewer lines need to be located first. Often times the home or property owner will have no idea where these lines are located so we must do a little exploring to find them.

#2. Once the lines are located we must send a special plumbing inspection camera down the line so we can get a good visual of where the problems are and if the pipe bursting method is going to be the best choice.

#3. Two 4’x4’ holes must be dug to access the lines. If it’s just yard or dirt that we’re digging into then it’s usually easy enough for a mini-excavator or shovels if we have to because of property or access concerns. Often the hole on the “other” end of the repair must be dug through a sidewalk or concrete as it’s the end that accesses the main city sewer line. Any connections will need to be dug up and replumbed as well.

#4. Once we’ve got access to the pipe the old pipe can be broken up and the new pipe can be pulled through in a matter of a few hours using a high powered winch. The pipe is pulled through slowly to not cause any damage to the new line.

#5. After plumbing in any appropriate connections we can fill in the holes and leave your property in as good of condition as we found it.

Most sewer pipe repair in Easton, CT projects can be completed in one day for average sized residential projects, if you have a much larger run of pipe or require different methods of repair then this could take a few more days to complete. We’d really need to send one of our trenchless experts to your location to inspect the issue in detail before making that call.


If you’d like to receive an estimate for a pipe bursting repair on your sewer or drain lines in CT please give us a call at 203-254-7277