Furnace Repair in Shelton

Furnace Repair in Shelton CT

Shelton Furance Services 

As your heating system ages it can lose efficiency or stop working altogether and if that happens choose RAPS Plumbing & Heating in CT to provide the highest level of quality Furnace Service in Shelton, CT.

RAPS is a reliable, professional, and experienced company that specializes in Furnace Repair in Shelton CT and other heating related services. For over 25 years, our family owned and operated company has provided the furnace services that have kept thousands of Connecticut resident warm and safe.

Whether your furnace is electric, gas, duel fuel, oil or a boiler, we've got you covered. From furnace installation to furnace repair, we have all the tools and knowledge need to get the job done correctly- the first time.  We offer:

  • Furnace Repair in Shelton CT
  • Furnace Installation in Shelton CT
  • Furnace Replacement in Shelton CT

What you need to know when you suspect your furnace needs a repair service:

There a number of reasons that could result in furnace repair. If you notice an intense gas smell, call RAPS Plumbing right away. If our furnace isn't running, find the emergency shut off and try your breaker. Switch them off, then on again. If the system still doesn't work, give us a call so we can help determine the source of the problem and get your furnace back up and running.

 Coleman Furnace Repair Shelton CT

Call RAPS for Furnace Repair Services in Shelton CT at 203-876-1212